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Investing in crypto isn't easy...

Investing in cryptocurrencies is not easy. You will have to learn a lot in the field of crypto and blockchain, as well as gain years of experience before you can make much profit. We make it easier for you by giving you the opportunity to have your money invested in crypto by experts within this field.

Why using a crypto fund?

When you want to earn money with cryptocurrencies, you could decide to invest in them by yourself. Though, this might not always be the best way. Investing requires a lot of knowledge and experience. That’s why it can be a good choice to let a crypto fund invest your money in cryptocurrencies.

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Less risk

When experts invest your money in cryptocurrencies, you run less risk of suffering a loss of money than when you would do it yourself.


Always profit

Our trading experts don’t only make a profit when the market is increasing. With our strategy we also earn money during a price decline.


Higher ROI

You have a bigger chance on a higher Return On Investment (ROI) when using a crypto fund, as you let experts trade your money.


No time needed

You don’t have to spend time researching and trading cryptocurrencies when you invest in a crypto fund.

Top-5 cryptocurrencies

$ 29,392.003.79%
$ 1,983.153.84%
$ 0.5193185.3%
$ 0.4089043.79%

Frequently Asked Questions

First, you will need to create an account on our website and fill in your personal details. After that, we will send you our wallet address, where you can send the amount of money to you want to participate with. You will always be able to check your balance and ROI in your account dashboard, and cash out your money anytime in the dashboard.

You can invest in ProCryptoFund any amount you would like to.

You can get out anytime you want. Contact us in your dashboard to get out.

It’s important to know that there are always risks when investing money. Also when you chose to invest your money in ProCryptoFund.

Cryptocurrencies are very volatile. This allows you to earn a lot of money, but there is also a lot of money to lose. We can never guarantee profit.

You can login and see the balance of your investment on the dashboard of your account.

You can request a new password on the log-in page of our website. First, click on ‘Login’ on the right top of our website, followed by clicking on ‘Forgot your password?’.

You can read our terms and conditions here.