Our Performance

You, of course, want to get the best results. That, of course, is more than logical. We also want you to get the best result when you invest in our fund.

It is difficult to achieve exactly the same result every month. The market is always changing, and one month the prices rise or fall faster than another month.

Nevertheless, by means of our strategy we have been able to achieve good results in recent months. Because our trading experts spread money over different crypto currencies, and use both short and long positions, we have been able to make many of our members happy with a good result.

Bitcoin and altcoins

How can we achieve such a result? We do this in part by spreading money across different cryptocurrencies. We can distinguish between Bitcoin and other coins, called altcoins.

Tracking results

Of course, the above results are no guarantee for the future. If we had a positive return the previous month, it does not mean that this happens every month.

Of course you would like to know about your return. That’s why participants of the ProCryptoFund can see on the dashboard of their account what their balance is, and how much return they have made since participating in the fund.

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